Science of Dogs

The documentary ‘Science of Dogs’ was so interesting to me but there were some points that I do not like. I think breeding two different species for making a better one is immoral. Human does not have right to do that. Sometimes, animals can get obstacle and disease by hybridization. If disabled dogs born, some people throw their dogs away. Nowadays, there are so many abandoned dogs and the rate is still increasing. They are sent to the abandoned dogs or animal hospital. Then, if they do not parceled out, people administer euthanasia the dogs after few days that appointed. Of course, mixed-breed dogs can looks better but I think mixing for only pleasure of people is animal abuse.


One thought on “Science of Dogs

  1. I really don’t like about idea of breeding dog for making a better dog. It is really cruel thing to dogs. Imagine that if there are some living things smarter than human, and they make all different people to breeding better human being. If they fail to get better one, and if it is disabled one, they will abandon them. Look how it can be cruel by just imagining this.
    So, like what Min kyng said in post, I think breeding dog for just making better dog, can be one of cruel animal abuse.

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