The Science of Dogs

The Science of Dogs was an educational and revealing documentary about how humans have controlled the breeding and creation of new dog species. I find it wrong on many levels to impose this kind of control over another living creature. To experiment with the reproduction of different dogs in the hopes of creating an elite breed is unjust and unfair to any species. The individuals who are breeding these animals seem to have no concern for any genetic or health complications that could manifest themselves with this kind of action. This is an example of the kind of greed and power mongering traits that all humans unfortunately posses. Consequentially, some of the people who appear in this documentary have taken advantage of these animals and have chosen to manipulate the their reproduction for personal gain.

I believe it is inhumane to breed animals for entertainment, such as performance dogs. I think breeding dogs, in a certain right, has been beneficial somewhat in the aid of stopping crime. However, I am generally against forcefully breeding dogs to help humans for their own personal reasons. It seems that in many cases dogs are used as slaves, escorted around on leashes, forced to do a humans bidding for little reward. To some breeders, it seems like it is just an experiment to create an elite race to benefit humans and make our lives easier. It is wrong for a human to decide to play God while attempting to create a perfect breed for their own purpose and use, regardless of any complications that might come with such an action.



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