Science of Dogs Response

I’ve always been more of a cat person, and I’m pretty sure that the biggest reason is because cats aren’t as domesticated as dogs. Cats choose to love people, whereas dogs have been modified throughout the decades to become totally reliant on human beings. We’ve literally designed a species that will love us no matter what, that has the  exact qualities we need to make our lives easier. The narrator in the video referred to several of the dogs as machines, and that really resonated with me. Dogs are basically fluffy robots, tuned in to the emotions and desires of their masters.

It was fascinating, however, to think about how many varieties can come out of dog breeding. Cows and birds and other species can all be bred to have different characteristics, but their main qualities will remain the same. You won’t get a cow with tiny legs or fluffy ears. But dogs have a large range in their designs. Genetic manipulation of dogs sometimes leads to bad health and defects, making some of the creatures’ lives almost burdensome. However, if further research into dog genes and diseases can  lead to cures and treatments of human ailments, is it worth it?


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