Science of Dogs

I had seen this National Geographic segment once before, at least over a year ago. Each time that I have watched this video the most amazing dog to me was the dogo. I think that the dogo intrigued me, because of the amount of power built into this animal. Being able to pin a wild board down is no easy feat.  A boar is a very dangers animal, and they can easily kill. The dogo however is able to hunt the animal down and pin it pretty easily based on this video. To be able to bread in the instinct of hunting in a pack, the loyalty and love of a good dog, and that kind of strength is amazing! I especially love that they even added white to the animal so they can spot them.

I looked up more pictures of this dog after watching the video and its muscle system and size is amazing! The dogo is very large and has that bully breed snout that is capable of locking on hard. I think that it is a beautiful animal and truthfully I wouldn’t mind having one myself. I think that people do have a tendency of going to far with mix an creating new breads but, as long as the animal is being well taken care of and not being deformed by weird breading I don’t think it is bad. Truthfully some of the best animals you can have is by mixing it up. I have to mixed breads and they are both extremely loyal and loving. I would not trade them for any other animal.


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