Science of Dogs

 I like dogs, and I love big dogs like ‘Golden retriever’more than little dogs. After I watched this documentary, Science of Dogs, I could learn just tiny part of gene of dogs make a size difference of dogs. This was really interesting information to me. And I remembered one funny posting about one special dog’s genetic specialty. It was Welsh Corgi‘s genetic specialty.

 I saw tones of mixed puppies’ picture and they were mixed between all different kinds of dogs and Welsh Corgi. But most of them has same kind of body shape which looks like Welsh Corgi. Welsh Corgi has short legs like Dachshund, but their body isn’t long as Dachshund. Most of puppies,mixed with Welsh Corgi, has Welsh Corgi’s body shape.
There is some pictures of puppies that mixed with Welsh Corgi.


Welsh Corgi + Husky


Welsh Corgi + Golden Retriever


Welsh Corgi + Black Lab.


Welsh Corgi + beagle

 We can see those dogs are having characters of all different dogs, but all of them have Welsh corgi‘s body shape. I think tiny genetic part of Welsh Corgi, that determine body shape of dogs, is strong enough to keep their body shape to mixed puppies.

This is one of my thoughts when I watched ‘Science of Dogs’ documentary.

Kon Kim


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