Science of Dogs

The Science of Dogs was a perspective on dogs that i had never really heard before, It fascinated me to hear that 80% of todays breads did not exist over 100 years ago. It was interesting to see how the different time periods and the events of those time periods influenced the need and increase in cross-breading. Eugenics is a whole area of science that is not that popular in the media. I have rarely heard of such instances being televised, most of the time pets are glorified in the media or used as sympathetic devices to gain financial support.

I found it extremely interesting that dogs retained repetitive traits in their DNA which if u change one single trait you can change things such as height, size, snout, tail size and so much more. What is really interesting is the simple fact that if you go up to just outside the dog family into the bears, and wolves and so on, they do not contain this trait which makes it much more unique that they can be so easily altered for personal benefit. Eugenics in dog breading is relatively new however it is still rapidly occurring like the special breaded bomb sniffing dogs in Russia.

What fascinated me the most being someone who studied history prior to this was that the earliest known signs of dog breading was in Ancient Egypt. Some of the hieroglyphs show images of dogs used to hunt that were of a specific look which is now the modern day Saluki. They even closely resemble the depictions of them over thousands of years ago. These breads are still used in Northern Africa as hunting dogs, which is probably what attracted me most as i have seen these type of dogs in North Sudan over the many years. I have been to Sudan 4 times in my lifetime and have family in Khartoum. My uncle owns a farm with wild game present in the countryside based near the white Nile. The white and blue Nile’s meet in Khartoum just miles south of his farm which means there is a lot of game on the open land spanning across all the farms. Saluki dogs are actually quite common in Khartoum and even strays have mixed bread similarities and traits so i feel as if i have seen similar dogs as recent as a few weeks ago. I just got back from Khartoum on the 2nd of January. Overall it was an interesting documentary that got me thinking more about dogs in general.


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