Science of Dogs

I find this documentary about the science of the dogs to be interesting. So far I have learned a lot about dogs that I didn’t know before. Since I was little I have always had a love for dogs. I remember a time where I would beg my parents for a puppy, and when I finally was able to convince them I couldn’t be more thrilled. My first dog was a Golden Retriver, his name was Toby. I wanted a golden retriever because when I was young I would take care of my neighbors golden everyday while they were working. The documentary makes me wonder what types of breeds made a Golden retriever. Goldens, were once used as hunting dogs and probably still are today. They make great family dogs, who are loyal, but also stubborn. I also think that Toby would be a great show dog and could outshine other dogs in the duck jumping competition. The breeder where my parents bought Toby I have learned from the film are apart of the science of dogs. When it comes to dog breeds it’s not only about the type of breed a person wants to produce but it also comes down to color within one breed. For example Golden’s come in three different color coats, the traditional Golden coat, a red coat, and Toby’s color a cream coat. Toby still to this day gets many compliments on the color of his fur and how handsome he is.

I personally could not imagine a world without different breeds of dogs I love all dog’s no matter there breed or what they look like, I think it’s the behavior of the dog that makes me feel connected. Dog breeding has turned out to be a useful thing. The more science learns about dogs the more people can learn about themselves. I think each breed has it’s own specific qualities that people have come to love. As a dog lover I don’t want to just own one specific breed of dog for the rest of my life, I want to own many different breeds. Now that I am living on my own I knew I couldn’t be without a dog in my life, so I now own a Boxer puppy. I chose the boxer because I fell in love with there wrinkled face that looks similar to a bull dog, but they are fun and active dogs with the most loving personalities. James Serpell brings up a great point in the documentary and it is the point I’m trying to make in this blog and that is, “It would be a great thing if people could focus less on the appearance of the animal and more on it’s behavior.” He goes onto say that people can bred these great traits into any dog, much like the lab that is shown in the film. The breeders of the award winning loving lab want to breed more puppies like the lab they have now. I think for any dog lover this film provides viewers the opportunity to learn something maybe they didn’t know before about there friendly companion.


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