Science of Dogs Documentary

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I have never own a dog in my life. When we were little we did not have enough space for a dog to live in our house, so I don’t have a personal experience with a dog of my own to talk about in this blog post….However after watching the science of dogs documentary, there are a couple of thoughts about perfectionism that I will like to talk about.

What is perfection? It is the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. For some reason humans are obsessed with perfection and they want to achieve it. There is nothing wrong with trying to do things the best we can but I do feel that there is always a limit to it. I feel that if we get obsessed with perfectionism and in order to achieve it we hurt others then we have a problem.

In this case, as the documentary was explaining…Humans have been using genetics to experiment on dogs in order to create their perfect dogs and the perfect breed. It can be helpful to have a perfect dogs in some situations like for security in the airport, or to save a farmers crops. But only for beauty competition It is not right. We can see the negative results in the diseases that dogs are developing like cancer, genetic disorders and blindness.

Dogs see humans as friends and they are loyal to us… I feel that regardless if we have or not a dog, we should respect them and care about them just the way they are. We can learn about them and about ourselves without trying to hurt them in order to create the best and perfect dog, that may get hurt in the process.

The-Perfectionist-Scale-3Image from:

-Maria Anleu.


One thought on “Science of Dogs Documentary

  1. I agree wholeheartedly on your perspective of perfectionism with living things in general. What really is the point of keeping a breed “pure” when in reality they are mixes of others? It would be a wonderful “experiment” per say, to see how today’s dog breeds would morph when not breeding within a dog’s “breed”. How would the breeds change? Perhaps if a sort of order was to be kept, maybe mixed breeding could be considered within the variations of breeds, such as mixed breeding within the terrier groups! It could maybe be a solution to the negative effects of purebred breeding, but still keeping within the same “dog family” so keep the traits that the dog’s breed family is known for! (Such as terriers and their purpose of being bred to hunt small game/vermin)

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