Response to Science of Dogs

I never really took the time to think about where dogs came about. Of course I always knew that dogs were related to wolves, but for some reason I never really questioned how we got wolves to be so domesticated. I always just kind of assumed they lived among us, not that we shaped them in any sort of way. Some of the dogs names and listed in this video are not the breed I thought it was which brought up questions in my head. Wondering if its the same breed that I was thinking of or if its different, but looks the same.

Later in the documentary you learn that by changing two geno-types in a dog it can completely shape the god to look and act completely different than before. This only supported my question in answering that it is the same god breed I am thinking of, but has multiple names. like the “Dogo” which is practically identical to what we know as the Pit Bull. Also the Seluki (No idea about the spelling) looking exactly like a long-hair greyhound. These two dogs are bred with the same qualities (I refuse to say purposes) as we know them to be, which leads me to believe maybe those are their scientific breed names and what I know may have been a type of slang that has evolved as-well as these dogs. That statement is also a question to me.

Also this video made me wish I was an amazing dog trainer like these owners.


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