Stunning Indian Beach


For my final project I wanted to do something different but also within my range of artistic style.  I am an illustration major and I do a lot of digital work on photoshop.  So I digitally painted Indian beach during sunset.  When the beginning of the semester started I wanted to walk to Indian beach and take in the nice, relaxing atmosphere.  I have never really been able to experience a sunset before at the beach and i heard so many great things about it, so I had to visit.  I arrived just in time and took a lot of beautiful pictures.  The sunset at indian is absolutely stunning.  It almost looks fake because it is so amazing to look at.  So I knew for my final project I wanted to paint this scene and capture the true beauty of my surroundings.  I took more sunset photos of Indian and decided to use this panoramic view and painted it.

Indian beach is not really a place you would expect to stay for long, but the water, sunsets, and life around if hard to step away from.  As a student, it is hard to get outside a lot so I love walking to Indian and taking in the fresh air.  Even just by sitting down for twenty minutes or so you can see fish jumping out of the water, birds grabbing food off the surface of the water, and even dolphins if your lucky.  Indian beach will always be that one spot I will remember when I graduate from Ringling in the spring.  That is why I wanted to paint it so I can always have a nice memory captured in time.


One thought on “Stunning Indian Beach

  1. We are so lucky to have this mini oasis so close to us ! Its not a beach but definitely a nice location to clear your head once in awhile. I love the art piece ! It really captures the location and aura of the bay.

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