Final Project

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My final project was supposed to be the first photo’s design engraved onto a wood plaque, but due to unexpected circumstances it is merely somewhat of a poster for now. Not long into watching The Cove, like many others, I felt immensely upset for the dolphins slaughtered in Taiji. It’s no question that the slaughter of any animal is a terrible occurrence, but to see such a cherished animal so disrespected hits a nerve.

Although I desperately wanted to do what I could to make the slaughter stop, I understand why even such a great documentary like The Cove did not end the slaughter in Taiji. Our culture is entirely different from that of the Japanese. I related to a point one man made in the documentary, who said something along the lines of, “they won’t stop because they don’t want the US to tell them what to do anymore”. If this is the case, no progress can be made unless the push to stop this comes from within Japan itself.

However, one young girl really inspired me. She spoke out so much that she convinced her school not to go to their field trip to Sea World. This was the main reason I chose to create this piece. Here is what she had to say:

“Only a few short weeks after, I discovered my own school had planned a visit to SeaWorld as part of a 7th and 8th grade “Winterim” trip! I was mortified! I sent my mom 
a text from school telling her the terrible news, and, once I got home, I emailed and called Candace in a panic. In waiting to hear back from Candace, I emailed the head of school and was able to set up a meeting with him for the following day. After about a week and multiple meetings at school with administrators, I was given the great news that my school had cancelled the SeaWorld part of the trip! This only confirmed how awesome my school is, and how they actually listened when I stood up! Thank you Dawson!

I am still feeling a bit of backlash from students who were looking forward to going
 to SeaWorld, but I know it is only a matter of time until they learn and understand why a visit to SeaWorld (or any other place holding captive marine mammals) is not right. From the slaughters in Taiji, the deaths of both humans and cetaceans at dolphinariums, the mislabeled dolphin meat poisoning so many with mercury in Japan, and the cruelty of holding these incredibly intelligent animals in concrete pools is only the beginning of the list. I know that the next generation will look back on this in disbelief, because they will never have to see this type of cruelty.”

This is hugely inspirational and it’s really great to hear that even a 7th grader can make a difference. I was so moved I was instantly convinced to do my project relating to her efforts.


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