Final Project

For my final project, I thought it might be fun to take all of the videos we watched in class and kind of “remix” them. I added clips from Food Inc and GasLands into the mix because they were relevant to what we talked about, even though we didn’t watch them in class. As I was gathering clips of what I thought was most important from each film, I started to notice that there were a lot of similarities among a lot of the films. So instead of remixing, I decided to edit it in a way that compares and contrasts what we learned about biodiversity and how they are presented cinematically.

One major similarity among a lot of the films was media coverage. There was a lot of archive footage in all of the documentaries. I liked how news stories were heavily featured because it shows how information is displayed to the general public, opposed to how information is displayed to the documentary viewer. Another similarity was the use of animations and diagrams to fully get a point across. These are not only useful, but also give the viewer something interesting to look at while bland or boring dialogue is happening. Lastly, every film addressed the problem and then showed what was being done to stop it. Many of the films showed footage of protests, marches, hearings and conventions. And of course, because of the nature of the class, most every video had something to do with food or animals.

I had a fun time making it and I hope you enjoy :).


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