Final Project: This is the end Beautiful friend.

So by last Thursday it was getting *very* near to the end of the semester and I was feeling pretty dead inside.

Physically exhausted, I wasn’t really looking forward to going on any nature hikes anytime soon, so I ended up enlisting a friend of mine to drive me up to our old friend, Myakka state park. And then drive me through Myakka state park as well. No getting out of the car for someone who had at that point come close to 24 hours without sleep she said.

Myakka was just as pleasant as it had been on our last visit, and I got to see a bit more of the park since I was there on my own time. And I can sum up the visit in 3 words: Egrets. Egrets everywhere.

So my plan for the final project was to print out a little Egret illustration I drew up on sticker paper and make some cute ‘lil Egret stickers… but through an unfortunate combination of trying to tie up everything up in my core classes and, nope, your prescription is still not here have fun experiencing mild setraline withdrawal and sorry we can’t let you use that paper on our printers you’ll have to go to Print Services and oh Print Services just closed 5 minutes ago and we won’t be open on Saturday sorry, I didn’t actually manage to get these stickers printed and that makes me sad.

Could I have handled this better if I had managed my time properly? Yes. Yes I could have. Below here are the sticker pages as they would have been printed.




THAT BEING SAID, there aren’t that many liberal art courses at Ringling that I’ve felt really changed the way I think or have taught me new information I didn’t already more or less know via basic high school education. This was one of them. Thanks for a great semester everyone!


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