Everybody’s Fond of Owls

To get out into nature I took a trip to the Desoto National Memorial park and hiked the longest trail there which I think was only a mile long.  Unfortunately I did not see much, just some birds in the distance and squirrels far too high for me to get a close look (interpret that however you wish).  So I was stumped on what I would do for my project.

But then one night when I was leaving from a friend’s house I got a pretty good glimpse of a small owl on a birdbath thing.  It flew away before I could take a picture, but by using the resource giant that is the Internet, I created a small sculpture of an Owl (using paint that was way too brown.)

100_0274 100_0276

It was fun going outdoors, I should do it much more often.  Also I think owls are neat.


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