Visiting Ft. Lauderdale’s Beaches

Over Thanksgiving break I was fortunate enough to visit Ft Lauderdale beach. What I discovered was more interesting than I originally thought it would be. While it makes sense that two different beaches have different diversity, I expected it to be very similar to Lido and other beaches that I had visited not far form it. It was very interesting because the sand was darker and much different in texture than our white sands.

In addition, the palm trees had coconuts here, some of which had fallen on the beach or sidewalk. This is uncommon in our area and I found it to be really interesting and a fun change. It really added to the beauty of the scenery.

Like our visit to Lido park, there was also jellyfish who had been washed ashore. This was uncommon to me until our trip to Lido park and seeing it here too was interesting but sad. These jellyfish are much heavier and larger than the ones we saw. Some even break into gel-like pieces before floating ashore and are almost indistinguishable from some kind of trash. We noticed a passerby picking it up casually and throwing it back into the ocean. I suppose it must have been safe to touch the cap, but I took the safe route and avoided it altogether.
This class has made me much more observant when it comes to biodiversity and nature and I am very thankful for that.



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