The Vanishing of the Bees

After watching The Vanishing of the Bees, I heard about issues I had never really learned about until now. I realized that I didn’t actually know that much about bees. I never actually realized that they were being transported all over the US to pollinate. The Vanishing of the Bees helped me to learn what I had been putting a blind eye to this whole time. I was very aware that we needed bees to pollinate flowers etc., but it never made me think about the pollination of our food. Bees are actually much, much more impactful than we ever realized before. Our environment still requires a balance, and if something is offset it could create a ripple effect that can change everything else.

In the documentary they explained a lot about Colony Collapse Disorder. One farmer lost millions of bees. It just seems so odd that all of this occurred at around the same time across the US. I did understand that it took a generation for this to really effect a colony, but it still seems very odd.

It is very sad to hear that we are causing harm to our bees. Watching one of the bees try to rub the pollen of an altered flower off of its legs was more sad to me than I would have ever thought. The bee, who would normally be hardworking and built for its job, knew the flower was different and was essentially given a tiny dose of poison to take back to her colony. Pesticides are meant to keep insects away and bees are an insect. It makes a lot of sense to me that the bees would become confused and distraught. It’s already bad enough that they have to be sent across the country all year.

I hope that in the future we will have better homes and jobs for our honeybees. They deserve to do what nature intended through pollinating natural flowers and produce, not plants with chemicals.


5 thoughts on “The Vanishing of the Bees

  1. The exporting of honeybees across the country for pollination is actually really interesting, because honeybees are not very good pollinators. Comparatively to other species, the honey bee is lackluster at pollinating. But, we keep and place these bees, in places that they wouldn’t necessarily be native to just to keep up with the amount of crops Americans consume each year. There definitely should be a better way to this whole pollination business.

  2. I agree with you- this documentary was very eye-opening for me as well. Personally, I was outraged because this points to a broken system. Where France was flexible, responsive, and immediately shut down the product thought to affect the bees, America turned a blind eye towards the exclamations of the people, scientific evidence, and common sense in favor of research provided by the company itself. Not only has this mentality caused problems in the past, it means we are relying on obvious and direct harm to people to shut down or change a product. And despite the signs – from the close-up clarity of a bee confusedly falling off a toxic flower to the disappearance of billions of bees – our government and the companies responsible ignore it.

  3. I was never aware of this honey bee problem. Honestly, I know a lot about what goes on in this world but this has never been brought to my attention. This is an awful problem that is occurring and it does concern me a lot. I believe the main problem is the pesticides. It has to be it, because how else do we explain thousands of bees disappearing. It kinda of drives me a little crazy just thinking about it and why there has not been a legit reason as to why they are gone. I hope this problem can be figured out soon because Honey bees are very important to life. Sooner than later would be best. I wish people knew more about what goes on in this world so we can start to make a difference.

  4. This is really shocking about how bees disappeared from our daily life without realizing. I notice this problem only because we watch it in class. The bees can be consider as one of the most important creatures in the natural life system. They are extreme important especially for pass down the generation of plants, which may affect other organisms if plants are running out with shortages. Without bees, a lot of the farm filed crops may also get into problems since there is no intermediate of pollination between crops and plants.

    I really wish problem can be solve one day. It is really scary living in a world without the bees.

  5. This video reminded me of my past; when a bee was killed I was just scared of it. Now after watching this video, my awareness of bees changed a lot. I really hope there will be better jobs for bees like you said. My uncle had worked for animal protection groups in Korea, and he had told me that bees were on the protection list. That time I thought that why bees are on the list? They are not even animals. But now I understand it.

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