The Trip to Myakka State Park

The thing that tickles me the most is that on the day we went to Myakka State Park is that we also went on a different field trip that day. Funny enough, I was convinced for the whole two or three weeks in advance that I’d be going there for my painting class–which apparently wasn’t the case, and thank god, because as cool as the whole experience was, going to the same place twice in one day is a bit much. (Instead, we went to the Ringling Museum, which was a pretty great experience. First time for me despite already being here for more than two school years. Definitely no regrets.)

I’m not really a fan of nature walks or hikes. Mostly because of bugs. I hate mosquitoes with a passion.(Though, I’m sure mosquitoes are probably important to the food chain somehow. Still, if somebody had the power to wish away all the mosquitoes in the world for me, I’d say no. Reluctantly.) Last year when I lived out in the Cove by the river, I couldn’t walk out without getting bitten up and down my legs, which is rather inconvenient when your roommate insists on grilling dinner.

I wasn’t really keen on hiking in normal Florida weather, but the temperature was perfect in Myakka that day. Only a little chilly at the very most. (It reminded me of the one time I went walking with some relatives in the park–aside from my sister and me, the rest of them had grown up used to the heat, so the moment it started pouring, my little cousin started throwing a tantrum because the rain soaked her. It was hilarious.) It was very comfortable. The fauna is really different from what I’m used to up in New York. No palm trees up there. I was looking forward to seeing an armadillo, but alas. Not that day. I did get to see some alligators and one wild pig on the drive out of there, though. Kind of wish there were some pictures of the foliage posted somewhere on the stairs so we’d know what to look for when we walked on the bridge (though the bridge itself was pretty cool).

It was really beautiful when the sun started setting. Hadn’t seen a sunset that nice in awhile.

The sunset

The sunset

photo source: me


2 thoughts on “The Trip to Myakka State Park

  1. No matter how many times I get eaten alive by mosquitoes, I’ll never get used to them. It’s what I hate most about living in Florida.

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