Sarasota Farmer’s Market

I had never heard of the Sarasota Farmer’s Market before this class. Although over the summer I was eating as clean as possible, it’s much harder to keep that up once the classwork starts piling up.

I’m really glad this class gave me a good opportunity to go to the farmer’s market. It was incredible how much food and multiple stands and lots of people. The market stretches pretty far so there’s plenty to do and to look at.

There was a good deal of fresh produce but also other things like handmade trinkets and jewelry. There was also ice cream and pastries as well. It’s a completely different experience than shopping at a grocery store. The environment feels much more social and friendly. It makes grocery shopping seem plain, as if it is sterilized from this informal social atmosphere.

The only issue I could think of was that the produce from the stands were more expensive than most grocery stores. But I find this completely understandable. The fact that the food is organic and local is worth it, and you feel more like you’re helping a piece of your community rather than a large business when you buy something. Hopefully organic foods will shift to being the norm or more popular so that everyone can afford to chose organic. It’s very heartwarming to feel that you’re helping someone who worked hard to ensure that you’re not feeding yourself altered food.

Overall I’m really thankful and happy that I was able to participate in this experience.



3 thoughts on “Sarasota Farmer’s Market

  1. The Farmer’s Market is an amazing place. All of the great vendors and artists really make it a fun pop-up community every weekend. I love the atmosphere at the Farmer’s Market and I’m sad I can’t go more often. Sarasota especially has one of the best farmer’s markets I have ever been to.

  2. I would love to go to the market! I have one near me back at home in Pennsylvania and I enjoy walking around seeing all the people and fresh food. You’re right about how refreshing it is than the usual walk in a grocery store. You’re also right about the food being a little bit expensive. That is kinda of a killer for me. I would love to visit once a month though and stack up on some goodies to last me for a bit. I need to start eating more healthier starting soon! Glad you had a nice experience!

  3. The farmers market is great over here. I only wish more people knew about it and they had an actual location so that they could be open during the week. Being able to go down on a Sunday morning and eat breakfast, get coffee and enjoy all the dogs that run around with their owners.

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