Myakka Trip

Our trip to Myakka was a nice refreshing 2 hours.  It got us away from campus and gave myself and the class a view on life outside of the normal rural areas we are used to seeing every day.  The park was bigger than I ever thought and just kept going. You would have to be there for a whole day to get the full feeling of the park.

What I really was looking forward to seeing were some alligators.  I have not really seen one in person before.  Maybe when I was a little kid but that was forever ago.  As soon as we got there we saw three, 6-7 feet long alligators sunbathing along the water.  It didn’t take long at all to see them and I also saw another swimming.  Alligators are such amazing creatures and I hope to see more in the future.  We also saw some deer which is nothing too exciting for me since I live in Pennsylvania.  I would have much rather seen a wild pig.  As we walked along the nature trails, we saw a lot of holes dug into the ground that were most likely from a wild pig. I knew we were close to one just by seeing these holes everywhere but I figured it would be tougher because they stay away from noise and a class of students will do that.


I thought the coolest part of the trip was the Myakka tower we climbed.  It was truly an awesome experience to partake in.  It took forever to get to the top but the climb was well worth it.  Once you got to the top, the view was stunning.  We got to the top right before sunset which was pretty awesome.  I could not believe how high we were and how many stairs we climbed.  It was an awesome moment to take in and realize how huge Myakka State Park really is.  I still wish we had more time and went earlier in the day.  I hope I get a chance to get back there.  What a cool place to go and check out.



One thought on “Myakka Trip

  1. I agree with you about the myakka tower, definitely a great sight to see once you got up to the top and you could look down on all the surrounding forests and swamp areas.

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