Myakka State Park

Although I had never been to Myakka, it was a familiar sight. I was born and raised in Florida and I am very acquainted with Florida scrub, wetlands, and state parks in general. I live directly behind Wekiva State Park in Central Florida and most of my life was spent combing the scrub and walking the nature trails. They even have an incredibly similar educational center to the one that Myakka had. Even this summer, I spent a lot of my time up in Robinson Preserve in Bradenton. The sights and sounds are just so indicative of Florida, it was nice to be back in that environment. Reading through other people’s posts I’m a little surprised how many people weren’t used to the sparse landscapes. But then again, if I was thrown into a huge dense forest, I’d be a little taken a back myself. Myakka was absolutely beautiful and the class got to explore it at the perfect time and on the perfect day. It was brisk and it was just starting to becoming dusk as we arrived. As we walked through the park, the sun was setting and as we reached that top of the viewing tower we all got to view a spectacular sunset. That was my absolute favorite part of the trip.


I really enjoyed going to Myakka and would not hesitate to go back.


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