Myakka State Park

It was the first time that I visited Myakka State Park. The first impression I had was “beautiful”, because the forest was really wide and dense. I thought Myakka State Park showed exact features of Florida forest. I honestly expected I could see some animals like armadillos, and I saw some deer, alligators, black pigs and this was awesome! There was a small observatory tower in the park and it was kind of fun to go up and see sunset and park scenery. Before we went into the park, there was a small museum that showed wild animals living in the park. That was interesting to me because there were so many kind of animals.


Actually I really liked sunset on the park. The time we got to the park was perfect, and the weather was perfect, too. It was kind of cold but it was clear to see everything. I thought that if we had time more, I could bring my sketchbook and draw some trees and paint the sunset. On the other hand I was wondering about trees; trees seemed almost dead. Honestly this class time was so great for me because I was dying with my thesis and I got fresh air in that time. Next time if I visit Myakka State Park again, I hope I could see some armadillos!



Park scenery on the observatory tower


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