Myakka State Park

For the last class before going off for Thanksgiving break, we went to Myakka State Park. It was a nice change. We’re always cooped up in class and I think being outside is the best way to experience biodiversity. We started our walk on a bridge we saw alligators, cranes and even a deer sticking its butt at out at us. The view from the bridge was really beautiful. The only thing I didn’t enjoy from this trip was the cold, otherwise everything was great.

A photo I took there. It looks like a wallpaper

A photo I took there. It looks like a wallpaper

After that we drove a little bit and started our walk on the trail, the canopy walk. It really was like a canopy. The sky, from where we were, was mostly covered by trees. One thing I did notice though was all the trees on the ground. Maybe they were knocked over by wild boars, which I heard are the harbingers of destruction. On the side of the trail there were also holes, which were probably dug up by the wild boars. Which makes me think, maybe they were the ones that knocked over the trees? I did read somewhere that those hogs can grow to weigh an outrageous, 800 lbs. So maybe its not so farfetched. I did find a tree that was covered in moss. I don’t remember seeing any others with this much moss but I did stop and to take a look at the tree because of the color of the moss. It was really green, almost like lime green and it caught my attention because it stood out so much.


The canopy walk

We continued on the trail and found this tower, that at first, I didn’t was a big deal at all. I’m not really scared of heights, I’ve definitely been on things much higher than this. We climbed the first half of the tower and went on this bridge, that moved. Bridges moving are already terrifying but wooden bridges moving was even more frightening. But it was the only way to get to the top of the tower. As I was going up the stairs, I didn’t realize how tall the tower really was, but the top had a really beautiful view. You could see the horizon and endless trees, some of which were different colors because of fall, though Florida doesn’t really experience fall.


View from the top of the tower

My favorite part of the field trip was the sunset. It was so beautiful. Lots of oranges, blues, reds, greens. It looked like a watercolor painting in the sky. The sunset reminded me of the sunset at home, the lake we live in front of, reflects the sky at sunset and it also looks like a giant water color painting. I hope the future students of this class will get to experience the sunset too.

The sunset

The sunset

Article and photos by Jenny Charles-Santos


One thought on “Myakka State Park

  1. It really was a nice trip! I thought the part you said about the wide boars was the most interesting. I was hoping I would get to see one but also figured they wouldn’t be anywhere near a bunch of students. I guess I did see a boar, but a mile away or so when we visited the bird deck. The holes they left in the ground were everywhere! These wild boars left complete destruction to the trail. It was kind of funny to see because you wonder what they are doing all over the place making a mess. If they are anything close to Pumba then it makes sense. I would like to go back and see if i can spot one closer up! Other than that I had a great time walking around. I wish we had more time though!

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