Since freshman year, I have always wanted to go to Myakka and didn’t get to until almost three years later. This terrain is  different for me as  I grew up in desert environment. So going to a forest was a very big change of pace and scenery. We went there as a huge group and went to 3 main spots.

The first was the big bridge where we got out of our cars and looked over on the water to see alligators. It was crazy seeing how still and silent they were. We caught three of them in a stare off with a bird who seemed to be taunting them.IMG_6546

Photo by Shantanu Suri.

Once we moved on, we went to the first walking trail. It was a beautiful peaceful walk being able to see nature and not worry about what homework you have to do or what bills need to be paid. This trail had a very tall canopy which was amazing to go up as you could see so much of the forest above the trees.

IMG_6593IMG_6600 Photos by Shantanu Suri

The last trail was a bird trail where we walked down a boardwalk right over the swampy everglades at the perfect time, sunset.IMG_6605Photo by Shantanu Suri.

Last thing, This was my favorite picture from the trip.


Photo by Shantanu Suri.

Going to Myakka was a great experience and I will be going there over winter break to camp overnight.


One thought on “Myakka

  1. I hope you have fun while you are camping!! You should definitely go out on a canoe in the lake while you’re there, it’s quite the experience to go canoeing in a lake full of alligators. It’s completely safe, but I would not bring any small dogs or anything like that!

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