Visiting South Lido was a really good way to take a break from class. While its fun to watch documentaries, the outdoor trips are unlike my other classes and are worth the short drive. I’m really grateful to have gotten to see how beautiful this park was. I was surprised to see how few people were there beside our class. The plant life was very diverse and the view of the ocean was very neat.

We saw many jellyfish who had washed ashore, which is unusual for me. I started to feel a little concerned for the population. After some research not much turned up but I did find an article about another species of jellyfish .

Here are some quotes included within the article about cannonball jellyfish: “The number of them washing up on shore isn’t unusual for this time of year. She says it’s actually a good thing they are here. They are the main food source for loggerhead turtles. And the loggerhead turtles have begun their nesting season.”


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