Good Ol’ Myakka

As much as we’ve learned throughout the course of the… course about how much we’re killing animals that don’t deserve it, farming animals in unethical ways, destroying the atmosphere with CO2 emissions, polluting water, creating an unmanageable amount of waste and upending forested areas for Walmarts where we trample each other on a day dedicated to buying things after a day dedicated to eating things (and kinda being thankful, but who ever remembers that), it’s good to visit a place like Myakka and realize “I barely have enough gas to get home.” And then realize “It’s nice people still do care about our environment, so much so that they’re willing to preserve it (and of course make a lot of money off of tourism but hey, whatever).”

I’ve been going to that place my whole life, and it’s kind of nice to see it hasn’t changed much. I feel like that’s a good thing when it comes to a state parks. Expecting nature to change seems like a bad idea, at least within a life time. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of the place, like the River O’Gators, or rather, the better spot of it.

I learned quite a lot outta this class, I’m glad I took it. It’s made me think about living in a way that’s more conscientious of what’s around me.


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