GMOs and Food

I have been thinking more about my food over the past 3 or 4 years than I ever have been. My family is the kind of family that gets on a healthy eating kick for a few months then slowly transitions back to eating whatever they want without even really thinking about it. For a while we ate a paleo diet and cut out a lot of bread and grains. We still have a healthy diet, but in my heart I know it could be much better. Over this summer, I was completely committed to a vegan diet that I followed strictly. I enjoyed how good I felt eating so many vegetables and fruit. Originally a large factor had been to lose weight, but it shifted into caring more about being healthy than weight altogether. Over the course of just a month and a half, I lost 10 pounds and kept it off with good diet and exercise.

My concern is that it’s too expensive for me to live on my own this way. It was simple over the summer because we could afford it and the family would eat whatever I didn’t before it could spoil. Here, where I’m 11 hours away from home, and I tend to have to rush my meals to get work done and to get to class on time. I used to eat frozen bananas almost every day because I loved them so much. They were a cheap fix. Our grocery store sold large bags of around three bunches of bananas that were about to go bad for incredibly cheap. It was usually just over a dollar and I’d have something to snack on and enjoy for long after. This however, changed when I came here. Suddenly I just wasn’t in the mood for it at all. I believe it’s because it takes a long time to eat and I just felt like I was too busy.

I wish I still had the time and energy to feel excited about a healthy diet. At home I would use frozen strawberries as ice for my water when I would go to the gym. It tasted fantastic and I enjoyed feeling like it had added some more benefit to my water. Now it just seems so much harder because I’ve put a new price on my time. Time is more expensive because every free minute I have that I’m not working I just want to relax. Maybe one day I’ll find a way around this. I know that I could use the extra energy from all of the fruits and vegetables.

I hope that we change how we grow and distribute food because there’s problems at every level of the cycle. If we can find a way to feed more people the way they should be eating, everyone will be a lot happier mentally and physically. It should be easier for those with less money and time to pick up food that isn’t fast food. If we made healthy eating just as available and cheap maybe people will respond the right way in time.


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