Climate Change

Every now and again I hear about climate change. I learned about this in grade school and understood that what we’re doing to our planet is wrong. We learned a lot about the greenhouse effect and how our pollution is causing it. In my class it was compared to a hot car in a parking lot. This is not only a disservice to us but to ecosystems around the world. It’s upsetting that we only keep hearing about more and more things that we’re negatively effecting. Sometimes it feels like mankind is a virus in comparison to Earth, eradicating beautiful plants and animals for our own benefit, and it seems that we’re never satisfied.

Climate change has always made sense to me but I always hear people saying that it’s wrong. My opinions on those people’s beliefs is simply ‘better safe than sorry’. We’re clearly doing many things wrong to our planet and that cannot be argued. Whether or not climate change is ‘real’ should not matter. This is the only planet we have and right now it’s perfectly suited for us, but not if we ruin it.

I find that many people of faith are denying climate change, which is fine but we need to consider all possibilities. If it were the other way around I think people who didn’t have any kind of faith would consider people of faith to be right if our planet was at risk because of it. I had a friend who specifically did a presentation about why climate change wasn’t real. Her family was incredibly religious and her father was a meteorologist. While he is a credible source I don’t believe it’s an excuse to ignore what we’re doing to our planet. We need to be more grateful for such an amazing place that we will never grow bored of in our lifetime. It’s truly a gift that needs to be cared for and respected.


4 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. You make some really thought-provoking points. Talking about your initial exposure to climate change as a kid reminded me of my own first understanding of the concept. My science teacher explained it as our ozone layer as a big bubble that protected us from heat, and the greenhouse gasses would make that bubble “pop.” I was then confused by that image, and thought that meant space and air would get sucked out of everything at once – definitely misleading. It’s pretty strange that kids are given misleading information on the subject, when it is so important.

  2. Throughout my life I’ve also noticed many religious people denying the climate change, but arguably this way of thinking might be more related to political orientation rather than religion. Maybe one day the confusion among the masses will settle down and we can have a nice reasonable discussion. It’ll probably take a disaster for that to happen though.

  3. I would have to agree with you on that, Trent. I don’t see anyone ever having a nice reasonable discussion thats rather absurd. I think that religious people might not necessarily be denying the climate change, but just kind of not acknowledging its existence at all, which I guess could be called denial.

  4. The preservation of the Earth is really important, climate change or no, and it makes me really sad when I hear about people who are apathetic or willfully ignorant. I hope that our generation and later generations will care more about sustainable practices and the environment.

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