A Yakka Myakka

So our class took a little trip to Myakka state park, and funnily enough it wasn’t until I was there when I realized that I’ve been to Myakka a couple time before already (I must have forgotten the name back then).

Seeing the old trees and marshes made me a little nostalgic of the times when I would regularly go camping in places like Myakka.  It was refreshing to say the least, and I wondered why I distanced myself so much from trips to the natural world.  So much of the worlds focus is on industry, you know, “hard work” and all that, producing as much as is demanded.

We have been asking too much of this world.  We want to change it, label it, and organize it to our own desires, but still expect it to function as it always has.  Our relationship with the Earth could be considered abusive what with our chemicals, intensive harvesting, and pollution and all.

Like any relationship we should focus on practices that provide benefits to both nature and modern mankind.  And I think just getting people out to preserves like Myakka would help people to think this way.  We should look at how the world work, and then see how we could use the skills we have learned to reinforce natural processes, making the world a healthier place with an abundance of biodiversity.


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