The Sience of Dogs

Dogs are some of the best animals and pets int he world. Most people adore them and a lot have them. Despite what dogs are now, they were not always domesticated. There was a point in time where they were wild animals and some species still are. They were domesticated by human beings and ever since then have been ‘Man’s best friend’.

The one part of the film that stood out to me the most was the story of the Argentine Dogo. This is a dog that was specifically bread by one man for one main reason, to be the best hunting dog. This dog was creating by crossbreeding multiple species multiple times and tweaking the genetics until they were perfect, giving birth to these magnificent dogs. dogo dogo2

Not only are these dogs great at hunting, they look menacing, have the strength of the strongest dogs as well as the speed of the fastest. It’s great to see how far science and technology can go to create these dogs but is it too far? It seems to me that playing with the genetics of these animals to fit ones needs can be a little selfish. Experimenting on helpless animals seems to be some one trying to play the creator.

The man in charge of creating this breed took very good care of his dogs and still does. The genetic pool of these dogs makes them great hunters as well as great family dogs. As the video showed, they were great with kids. So maybe all the testing did not go to waste, the outcome was a menacing, loving family dog that will help you catch your dinner.


5 thoughts on “The Sience of Dogs

  1. I do agree with you when you say that “playing with the genetics” is a little selfish on the part of the humans, but I suppose that humans cannot not be involved when it comes to dog breeding, since it dates back to the ancient days. It would be interesting to see which type of breeds would appear if humans did not play a role in this at all. But at the end of the day, dogs and humans both mutually support each other, so I guess it’s all good. 🙂

  2. People have diverse opinions on more aggressive dogs because cases of violence against against humans by them seem to be at random, or at least, misunderstood. Someone mistreats a dog like this and sends it to a shelter, then they expect it not to be erratic and occasionally violent.

  3. The part about the hunting dogs really intrigued me as well. It is amazing to me that we have the capability of creating a dog with whatever kind of traits that we like or want. I do agree that it is a tad selfish, but as long as no dogs are being harmed I don’t really see a huge problem with it.

  4. I still think it is crazy that there are over 300 breeds of dogs and how many are crossbred. The fact that we can even do that to a species and have decent to good outcomes is pretty impressive. I also find it a little selfish as well because it seems so wrong, but it is also something that is very interesting to me. I would be very impressed if we could start to crossbreed other animals. That would be crazy!

  5. Dogs are such lovely animals..Actually the problem is that there are so many people want to breed a dog but they don’t really have responsibility nowadays. I’m feeling so sad about abandoned dogs in the world because in South Korea animal shelter can keep those dogs for just 10 days and if they can’t find their family, they will be killed… The dogs are Man’s Best Friend. This never gonna be changed..

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