Myakka State Park

To be completely honest when I first stepped foot onto Myakka State Park I was a little disappointed because of how far away the alligators were. As I was walking towards the railing on the bridge someone pointed and shouted “Look! Alligators! Deers!” and the entire time I was straining my eyes trying to look for alligators, which were actually the tiny little dots in the distance.

Wheres Waldo Alligator Version

(Where’s Waldo: Alligator Version (Bonus if you can spot the deer))

But of course, that was just the beginning of the trip. As we got further in I was absolutely amazed by how abundant this park was, full of native plants and beautiful lakes that seemed mostly undisturbed. Coming from Maryland, it was strange seeing so many palms that wasn’t plant there for its commercial and visual significance. There were so many plants that I have never seen, and so many different types of animals that supposedly lived there.

look at this tree

And then the tower! I had underestimated the height of the tower when Karla first mentioned it. I honestly didn’t think it would go up so high that we were looking down at the tops of the trees that we were looking up at only a couple minutes ago. To go up tot he very top and look down felt like something close to a spiritual experience. At the moment the sun was starting to set, and the sky was streaked with clouds in a way that an illustrator like me just gawked at. The parked stretched so far so it was really quite a nice reminder that in this very modern age people are still consciously trying to preserve natural habitats.




The very last lake we visited was absolutely stunning since we managed to get there at the perfect time. The walk to the little patio into the lake was scenic and stunning.


If I could go to Myakka State Park again I definitely would! In this trip I’m sure we only scratched the surface of the vast expanse of the Park!


2 thoughts on “Myakka State Park

  1. Funny, I was glad the gators were far away! It was nice seeing them in their more natural habitat as opposed to somewhere like Jungle Gardens (not that I don’t like Jungle Gardens) where they have such little space to move around in. It was also kind of interesting to see all the birds easily walking around the gators without a care in the world, they are braver than I.

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