Lido Beach

Having been to North Lido beach a lot, It was refreshing going to the south beach as it is a much more quaint secluded beach. No noisy tourists trashing the place, no college kids throwing parties. It is a great little get away. Sarasota is known for its white sandy beaches and that is the complete opposite of the beaches I grew up on. Some of them had imported sand from other places and since then a lot of man made beaches have been formed. The sand is a lot dirtier and traps all the heat from the desert in it making it almost impossible to visit in the summer. The sand here though is almost white and absorbs no heat so being on the sand here in peak summers can often be refreshing.

(null)(1)Taken by author.

Going to the beach use to be a great fun trip for me but after a while, I grew out of it for the most part. The only time I go to the beach is to enjoy the outdoors, usually for sunset or to play sports.

Looking for the ecosystem on the beach was a new experience. I enjoyed walking through all of it and getting to see mangroves up close on a cooler, cloudy day.

There wasn’t that many signs of wild life on the beach that day but we did see a small squared off area guarding turtle eggs. In the water there were a lot of jellyfish very close to being on land. Some were dead and just washing up onto the shore but there were mostly alive doing what seemed like trying to back to the water. One thing that is taken for granted on these beaches is the greenery of the mangroves and shrubbery make the place a beautiful spot of nature.


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