One with the Nature


So we went to Myakka State Park last class and it was my first time there and probably my last since I won’t have a car here in Florida. I’ve never heard of this place and it was quite interesting seeing things I would never be able to see in cities. So far, I think the most interesting thing was being able to see crocodiles. I’ve only seen them in zoos. I did hear that there are quite a bit of crocodiles around Florida near swamps and lakes, however it’s only my second year here and I had never witnessed one. Talking about swamps, if some heard me around the place, I kept talking about minecraft each time we passed by one since the day before I was playing the game and was searching for a swamp to find slimes. Oh well, that doesn’t matter.


I loved the Myakka tower. I do like high places that I enjoyed walking up and looking down from above. Also walking across the bridge reminded me of this rope bridge I had to cross before. This bridge was just made of wooden blocks while the rope bridge was just all ropes.

One thing that was quite a shame was not being able to see other animals closer up, such as the pigs and the deers. I did witness deers, however they were only glimpse of them. It is basically my first time being with animals in the wild (as I’ve say earlier, I’m a city person that I don’t see wild animals on the streets or roads) and I really wanted to be able to see them up close. However, overall I had extreme fun experiencing something new.

If I have a chance to visit this place again (only if someone take me), I’d be glad to stay there longer enjoying my time.

– Jin Park


One thought on “One with the Nature

  1. I agree. Myakka was quite stunning and the tower was my favorite part. But, what we saw in Myakka were actually alligators. Alligators are incredibly common in Florida. Although crocodiles can be found in southern Florida, they are much more rare and are often found in saltwater areas.

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