This trip was such a lovely break from the normal college regimen!

I have been to Mayakka so many times, but it has been awhile since I have been last. The canopy walk was probably the most exciting. The biggest relief was just getting out of the city life and listening to the beauty of nature. We saw a bunch of animals such as deer, alligators, birds and wild boars. Surprisingly, for how much I have been there, I have never seen deer there.

My favorite thing to see were the trees and the green moss on them, as well as their variety of forms. We were lucky that it was cool enough to where there were not any mosquitos. From past experiences, mosquitos have always been the worst part for me about Mayakka. After all, it has its fair share of swamp-ish water surrounding it.

We got a little separated from the group to take some photos and maybe see some other wildlife. We only saw the diggings from the wild boars, which was kind of cool because they might have been pretty close to us.

My least favorite part was probably the bird walk. I was hoping to see a larger variety of birds there. The land was beautiful though, and we arrived just in time for the sunset! There were just too many nats flying in our mouths.

Next time, I think it would be such a blast to go to Treeumph! where you can actually climb trees. Its an entire obstacle course that is 100% safe. I went only one time before and it was a lot like mayakka, only you’re climbing high up in the trees ! There just was not as much wild life.

All in all, I did enjoy going out and being “one” with nature. It is just a nice reminder how much is actually preserved and a great break from staring at screens and sipping on low-fat lattes.



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2 thoughts on “Mayakka

  1. This Treeumph place sounds really cool! I’m not a fan of doing strenuous outdoorsy type stuff, I prefer camping (since my dad does everything!), but climbing trees in an obstacle course setting sounds crazy fun. I might look into it.

  2. I have never heard of the Treeumph until you mentioned it! Now I definitely want to go climb it 🙂 I agree with you, taking a break from school and going outside is definitely so refreshing for both the body and the mind

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