Out in the Wild

Going to Myakka State Park was an invigorating experience amongst the stress-ridden end of semester finals and projects. The weather was so cool that you could wear a zipper hoody and shorts comfortably. I met up with the rest of my classmates from biodiversity then we all drove off to our first spot caravan style. At the first spot we saw several adult alligators on the bank basking in the sun. It was a pretty cool sight since it was out in the wild instead of behind a fence at a zoo. Next, we drove up to the second spot which was a trail leading to a canopy. On the trail, I noticed a tree/plant full of small white petals. It looked like a tree that has been snowed on. The weird thing is that there was only two of those plants along the entire trail we travelled on. I did not get a chance to photograph it. It did not occur to me that it was a rare sight until after we had exited the trail. There was a canopy with a neat view overlooking the park. As you climbed the canopy, you could feel it swaying as you got to the top.

After we exited the trail, we headed up to the bird walk. On the way there, I saw a group of four deers foraging a few feet from the road. They did not seem to be fazed by the caravan. Arriving at the bird walk, I noticed that it was a pier built over a very wet and open swamp. It was around six in the evening and there was no bird action to be seen. However we were met by several swarms of itty bits of flying insects that seemed to hover in one spot. I thought it was hilarious watching others cup their noses and mouths. I was raised in Florida and am used to it. A neat treat came in the form of two huge black shadows creeping amongst the tall grasses in the distance. The wild boars were so far that I could only make out their black shapes and the fact it was a moving. I was hoping to see one up close but they tend to be evasive. The bird walk was the last spot of the night and the sun was setting. It was a perfect photo op and I hope you enjoy the picture I took as well.

@Brian Armstrong

@Brian Armstrong


One thought on “Out in the Wild

  1. I had the same thought when I started to see people cover their nose and mouth from the pesky little insects! I was like you definitely ain’t from here if just that little cloud bugs you. I was born and raised here so the forest and the swampland is basically my backyard! P.S. I did enjoy your photo!

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