I’ve been to Myakka before, once with family and once with friends. We kayaked in the crocodile filled lake, we hiked around, we climbed to the top of the canopy. On my second trip I even saw some snakes fighting over a dead fish. Each time I’ve gone, I have gotten a little bit more out of the trip, and this time was no exception. I’d never gotten to experience Myakka at sunset, and this was a truly beautiful experience. We traveled like a caravan down a thin, paved road, surrounded by Floridian nature, pink and orange light streaming in through a line of trees. It was a sight that I had never seen before, made possible only by the flatness that is Florida.


We drove all the way to the end, a parking area circle, and walked out on this manmade wooden structure suspended over the water. The air was thick with tiny flies, and all around us for miles was wetland, and then trees, and some pigs way out “over there”. The sky was pink and you could see for miles. If you looked at the clouds the right way, you could almost tell how far away they were.

The drive back on Fruitville was a change, too. It was a small, two-lane road. I felt like I could have been anywhere at that time. It was a healthy change of scenery from the standard Ringling fare and even to get out of Sarasota was very refreshing. I felt like I returned with a better state of mind.


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