Still a Mystery

In the documentary, “Vanishing of the Bees” they talked about the huge decreasing of bees in several countries including Taiwan. As an international student who had lived in Taiwan for most of my time, I did a further research on it.

Since April of 2007, millions of bees were reported to be ‘disappeared’ for unknown reasons. Just like around the world, crops that grow from the help from the bees wroth $50 billion NT (US $1.7 billion) of money in Taiwan, but with the bees disappearing, large percentage of crops would be destroyed. Yang En-cheng, an entomology professor at National Taiwan University said that “[he] bees in Taiwan are starting to come under pressure from pesticide, and specifically neonicotinoid overuse, but the government officials are arguing that there are no direct evidence supporting the contention.”

The number of bee hives and the production of honeys has been risen by several percentage in 2011 and right now, the disappearance of the bees aren’t a huge issue in Taiwan. However it seems like they haven’t really found a reason why bees disappeared so suddenly back then and people, especially beekeepers and farmers strongly fears that the situation might get worse.

However, there is one possibility why the bees has either vanished or died and that is climate change. Since 2007 till now, climate change in Taiwan has been very clear. There were forming more typhoons than usual, earthquakes, and the weathers each seasons were beginning to change a bit each year.

Climate change is only possibility and the a clear reason is still unknown. People are still searching for the reason why the bees had suddenly vanished in Taiwan. Many other countries seem to still have the same issue. I just hope there to be a reason that we can fix since no bees basically can mean ‘danger’ in human nature as well.


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