I Can’t Bee-lieve This!


After watching Vanishing of the Bees, I realized that myself and others don’t know much about honey bees and the problems they face.  Really though, I had no idea we were having this problem with honey bees disappearing until we finished watching the documentary.  Maybe I have just been blind to the whole thing but I had no idea.  Vanishing of the Bees brought a lot of insight to me.  I began to understand how important bees are and I am now concerned and interested about Colony Collapse Disorder.  I knew bees were important for certain things but I had no idea how much of an impact it makes when they are gone.

Colony Collapse Disorder is something that completely confuses me.  How can thousands of bees disappear out of nowhere?  It is happening all over the world and is still a huge mystery to many.  Honey bees are a major part to the growing of crops because they pollinate them.  Honey bee pollination has helped make crops worth about 200 million.  Pesticides, infections, malnutrition, pathogens, and many other factors could be a reason to why Colony Collapse Disorder happens, but we still have not seemed to find the exact answer.  The answer needs to happen soon before time runs out.

The weird thing is there are hardly no dead bees left when they all disappear.  These young adult bees would not really leave unless the queen bee is not present and most of the time she is.  An inadequate workspace should not be a problem but could be an answer to the honey bees leaving.  Most people now believe that maybe this whole thing is being caused by simple starvation.  Once again that issue is still unresolved, but they must figure this out quickly.  This is such a weird, strange thing that is happening to the honey bees.  I cannot imagine how insane these farmers must be going in trying to figure this problem out.  This disappearance could be happening from something we do not even know about yet.  That could be and you just never know.  For all I know, they could just be on a really long vacation.



5 thoughts on “I Can’t Bee-lieve This!

  1. CCD is definitely a very odd and sometimes vague issue. I think that most of the frustration from farmers isnt that they don’t know what is causing CCD, it’s that they can’t prove their theories. I believe, like the majority of farmers and beekepers, that CCD is due to the pesticides and fungicides that are placed on the seeds of the crops. With topical pesticides, the bees would die rather suddenly so the issue was clear. But with these newer pesticides that grow with the plant, it’s much more difficult for farmer’s to prove that this is what the bees are being affected by. It’s good that you are looking at other options though- it’s true that there could be another reason for CCD, or a combination of reasons. It’s frustrating either way.

  2. So true. I myself knew a bit about vanishing bees, but never thought of as such big problems. Honestly, I’m not a fan of insects in general, however honey bees are definitely important to the world.

    Colony Collapse Disorder also confuses me. The disappearance of honey bees are just a mystery and still, no one knows where they went. Maybe the reason of their disappearance has something to do with something only insects depict and not humans. I know there are things animals are more clear about than humans and maybe insects were warned of something or maybe just aware of it. I have no idea… But it surely is weird how they just simply vanish while the queen bee is still present in the hive.

    I indeed hope this could be resolved before we run out of time… before all the crops in need of pollination collapses.

  3. I’m so happy the documentary was really informative for everyone, bees are a fascinating subject. It’s truly sad the struggles a lot of beekeepers are currently going through. I know my mom is worried about CCD in one of her hives, so it’s definitely a prevalent problem. Hopefully with more people understanding the issue it will come closer to being resolved.

  4. A few weeks ago I visited a friend of mine who keeps bees so I got to see the bees up close. It was intimidating because I never have been around so many bees, but at the same time it was very interesting seeing them move about on their hive clusters.

    My friend and I talked about maybe seeing if we can get more people into beekeeping by proposing it to the Boy Scouts of America program. We need more people helping these bees out.

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