Bee Aware!

Honey bees have been an integral part of our lives. They are the ones responsible for allowing us to have so many varieties of fruits and vegetables. They are also the ones who bust their butts to do what nature intended. When I was small I was taught not to harm bees. My mom would tell me that if I didn’t mess with them, then they wouldn’t mess with me. To this day I still believe in this method. However there have been times when I killed a bee or two and I didn’t give it too much thought at the time. While watching the documentary in class about the hive collapse disorder and the disappearing of the bees, I felt so bad that I have killed such an important insect. It made me think about how much people take the smallest things for granted. It also made me so ticked that people tried to put off such an important issue!! It is amazing how one man and his love for beekeeping was able to bring such an important discovery to light. To me that gentleman is a hero because even though people thought he was full of it or crazy, he still pressed the issue and showed the results. I mean we need the bees to help pollination and to help us as well. The world would definitely change if we no longer had bees. I think that with bees gone there would be an economical collapse due to the decline of crops and their sales. It is now the matter of making sure we get our honey bees back!

I think we could start by taking out those companies that keep spraying their plants and crops with pesticides. Companies will do anything to cover their own skin, so they try to assure people that their products are safe and cause no harm to bees. I’m sorry but most companies of the past till now only focus on their profits and income. People should know what is actually going onto the food that you end up buying in the grocery store, and what we lose in doing so (the bees).


Sources: Bee Documentary (In Class)


-Muriel Holloway


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