Scary Thoughs

After watching a film in class last week, I felt ashamed to say that I was raised in Florida when I had no knowledge of what was happening to the bees. Vanishing of the Bees is a documentary of Colony Collapse Disorder where bees would simply disappear from their hives without a trace. Around ten minutes into the flick, I knew this was a scary issue at hand. You see, they are responsible for pollinating over a hundred spices of crop plants on a commercial scale. Can you imagine the impact it would have on our agricultural economy? Having to rely on imported fruits and vegetables which might lead to higher prices? Farming crops will not be a complete lost cause but it will be on a much lower scale. There are other bugs that can pollinate the crops but the bees are very efficient for mass crops.

It only took one beekeeper to get things rolling in the Untied States. People thought he was just crazy to start with but eventually they caught on and realized that this was indeed an issue. Thankfully Europe has experienced the same issues before us and they were able to learn from the Europeans as to what might be happening to the bees. They determined and believed that it might be the result of using pesticides on the crops. The solution was to end the use of pesticides on the crops but this will be a long road to fight to overcome those who are Pro-GMO.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

I realized that I should be more aware of Mother Nature around us. Even though I might not be able to reverse any of the damage done, I can inform others so we all can have knowledge and start finding solutions. I have always wanted to live on a small farm one day. I never thought about beekeeping and the benefits it would bring to the farm. The idea of pollinating my own crops and having fresh honey makes the dream of owning a small farm even more exciting.


One thought on “Scary Thoughs

  1. It is certainly a very horrifying thing to think about when all the bees are gone. As the video mentioned, this would mean so many crops and produce would disappear and everything would skyrocket. The fact that so few people know about this, or even worse, so few corporate heads even care about this, makes the problem not just a beekeeping issue, but a food, health, and environmental one as well. Hopefully CCD’s cause will be pinpointed soon.

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