Sarasota Farmer’s Market – Just a few words

I visited the Sarasota Farmer’s Market last Saturday and decided to write a quick post about it.  I have been to the Farmer’s Market many times but haven’t visited it recently because of the how busy this past semester has been.  But I have really tried to buy local and organic lately and the market is the best place to do that, so I made time to take a trip and get some groceries.

There is a small vendor near the front of the market that sells pineapples and coconuts.  You can buy a coconut for two bucks and he will drill a hole in it and pop in a straw so you can drink the milk.  This is one of my favorite things to get at the Farmer’s Market because I love the fresh taste of the milk and the fact that you can bring the coconut home and crack it open to eat it later. On this visit I was standing behind someone who asked the vendor “do you harvest the coconuts yourself?” and he sheepishly said, “no, they actually come from Mexico”.  The person who asked replied, “oh, cool!” but I made the decision not to buy one.  I was disappointed to miss out on something I really enjoy, but I was more disappointed that even at the Farmer’s Market, some vendors are selling imported fruits and vegetables.  It made me realize that you can’t just assume that something is organic or sustainable because of where it’s being sold.  It’s important to ask questions about where your food comes from and how it is grown.

Despite missing out on the coconut, I was happy to visit some of my favorite organic and local vendors.  There are many options at the market, so make sure you check before you purchase!


Here is a random Sarasotan with his coconut beverage at the Farmer’s Market.  Read his blog about how much he loves coconuts if you so desire.

– Jay


5 thoughts on “Sarasota Farmer’s Market – Just a few words

  1. I will def. have to check the farmer’s market out. I recently moved to Sarasota and have not checked it out yet. I am sorry to hear about your disappointment regarding the coconuts.

  2. I had visited the farmer’s market several times and I believed those coconuts were harvested here in Florida, but OH! Never mind, they are from Mexico. That surely is quite surprising since I thought things such as ‘fruits’ and vegetables were all organic and harvested here in Florida… but can never assume that before asking or figuring it out with your very own eyes.

    However, I know this small market where they sell not a lot of vegetables.. somewhere in the middle as you walk down the street deeper into the farmer’s market.. and they are organic and are grown by the two grown men with their very own hands (yes, I heard someone asking them about that too…). And their tomatoes– are DELICIOUS. (If you like tomatoes.. if you don’t too bad…). You should check it out if you never eaten their tomatoes!!

  3. Farmer’s markets are great for grabbing some local foods, but I wish that the stands would identify where things came from. There’s this notion that everything in a farmer’s market was grown in the area, and because of that many people think they’re getting something that they’re really not, and continue fueling the industry that transports foods across the country. Not everyone will think to ask, and I think that stands could really benefit from listing their produce in plain site as locally grown, to get more earth-conscious customers and open peoples eyes to the fact that not all food sold at the market comes from where they think it does.

  4. That’s really disappointing to hear that the food wasn’t local. People go to farmer’s markets mostly to support local farmers, and it seems irresponsible to sell something you haven’t really grown or made yourself. I suppose it’s open to anyone to sell what they want, but I agree with the sentiment that sellers should have to mark where their food is coming from. I’ll definitely ask next time I buy at a farmer’s market!

  5. I was not aware that some of the produce at the farmer’s market was not local, which is very disappointed. I should have gotten the hint when I saw a truck pulling out shipments of mango at the side of the market. I am glad for whoever asked the question, because I had the mindset that farmer’s market = local. I will definitely ask vendors next time if all the produce is as well!

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