Bees and Popcorn

I will start off with the popcorn! Though her presentation was short and sweet ( literally, because that honey cinnamon popcorn was delicious), I ended up learning the beauty of what it is to be truly organic, and I believe that to be most local products. I think its important for more people to start doing more ” Do it Yourself ” projects so they actually know what is being put in their systems or on their bodies. It was a little unfortunate to hear about brands just labeling all their foods as organic because thats the “it” thing to do, and many people fall for it. The fact that PeaseCorn is local AND organic is such a benefit, because who doesn’t like popcorn! It will better our community as a whole and make us crave more natural and local things compared to chain stores and imported products.

As for the bee documentary, I had learned a bit about the “bee disaster” awhile back. Which is scary because that was a good three to four years back, and I’m surprised its still an issue. Everything on this earth is here for a reason. As much as everyone hates mosquitos, we would probably die without them. No one thinks about these things, especially with bees and how truly important they are in the ecosystem. Honey is a sweetener as well as a healing element. It aids with nasal congestion, sore throats, upset stomach, and probably more. We would be losing a lot more if the bee ceased to exist.

When seeing the one bee keeper come to tears in the film, that really took a toll. Nothing is worse than not having an answer to a problem, especially such a big one. He really did not know what to do, and that is his job. It was touching that his tears dealt more with what will happen to society rather than what will happen to his pay check.



One thought on “Bees and Popcorn

  1. “Who doesn’t like popcorn??”
    *…slowly raises hand*
    Ok, it’s not that I don’t like popcorn. It’s more that I get sick of it very easily and I’m hardly ever in the mood for some. THAT BEING SAID, wow, that popcorn was delicious. So if someone who doesn’t even like popcorn that much can suddenly enjoy it because it was grown and made organically, I think that speaks for how much of a difference that method of food production can make!

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