GMOh No!

Heh. Haha. You liked that title? Yeah me too, been thinking about it all week. I’ve seen it in my dreams and nightmares, it’s pervaded my art and my every thought. GMOh Brother also came to mind. But that denotes some kinda.. unwarranted passive-aggressiveness to these things. Eh, doesn’t work.

What’s to ‘oh no’ about GMOh Jeez’s? Well, these suckers are like Frankenstein monsters of the food world, taking some of this, some of that, add a little this, some more that over there and BLAM, you got a tomato that can sing and dance and will take ten years off your life (and it wasn’t because it couldn’t dance very well).

Of course, that’s an exaggeration (IS IT, THOUGH) about GMOuughs. We went over in class what they are and what they do, but, I like to dissect the psyche behind it, why they’re being tucked into our food by tiny GMO elves who snicker as they dash out of sight while we were looking at that flock of elves fly off the telephone line.

It all comes down to supply and demand, baby, WOO! That’s all it ever is, it’s corporate, it’s money, it’s Donald Trump’s hair (which could indeed be a GMO). Companies like owning things. They like owning more things even more than owning what they already own, so if they can dip their toes in the genetics pot for their own gain, they’ll do it (seeing as tickle-me-GMOs can even be be patented). Of course creating these frankenspecies is bad in the long term. Of course they don’t taste as good. Of course they aren’t sustainable! But just think about all that money they’re making. Ahhh, yeah, it’s nice, right? Look at it all.

Is there a way to fight it? Sure! Protest them. Will companies listen? Nah, probably not. American companies/government really seem to hold to the ideal of not listen to the upset masses. But hey, there isn’t much else to be done, given these companies often insert GMOops’s into our food without telling us. The next best thing we could really hope for is getting GMOuch food labelled, but even then, that’s an uphill battle, most of the public wouldn’t go for eating GMOs.

In the mean time, you want a bite of my purple orange?

I know how you feel white-painted-gas-mask-wearing-choking man. (This came up while just searching google images for GMO.)





4 thoughts on “GMOh No!

  1. I like your sense of humor and that photo is gold, truly. You summed up the whole thing pretty well. It’s downright scary, equal parts terrifying and infuriating. Most of us are so apathetic about the way things are, wether we mean to be or not. The struggle is to care enough and to make as much change as we can on our own until the rest of the world changes with us.

  2. ugh !! I hate that America (especially ) is so money hungry. We think we are being healthy by eating, but with all the crap we put in our foods, we are making our lives even shorter. I would so much rather spend an extra $6 on 100% organic food than a $1 for a sloppy, processed burger. Good one about Donald Trump. Sly dog.

  3. Your writing style and sense of humor definitely makes this post! It sickens me how so many people are willing to back GMO’s and not even knowing what they do. People are wearing blinders constantly. I sometimes wonder what is going to happen in the future if the GMO’s aren’t taken care of. We might be seeing way more purple oranges in the future!

  4. …I lol’d. XD
    An applause for all the GMOh gosh puns. That being said, it really is super disheartening that we live in a society where the people behind these companies can just abandon their sense of responsibility and morality and basically poison the population for the sake of moneyz. Think of the children!

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