Thoughts On Food

Food can be something represented as human’s desire of having a better life in modern days. It seems that food has becoming a global resource that can be trade from one country to another. We can now almost eat whatever kind of fruits, vegetables, meat, and foods in many parts of the world. We can have coffee from Latin America in Korea; we can have kiwi from Australia in Germany; we can also have chocolate from Belgium in USA. Getting various kind of food from all over the world seems to be a common privilege that everyone in developed environment enjoyed.

Even though many organizations and people have been keep advocate for the idea of eating locally, which does save time and energy, and keep the food fresh. But the problem is, people have been having all these goods for a long time, and it’s hard to ask them to give up all the conveniences and taste they loved and enjoyed now.

It’s hard to reject the fact that we enjoy many of foods from other places rather than our own local food. For example we enjoy pitches from California; salmons from Alaska; and milk from California or Wisconsin. Even though Florida is another state other than California famous in farming fruits and crops, people in Florida may not enjoy the food they grow in reality. Florida is famous in growing tropical fruits like oranges, grapefruits, bananas, pineapples, mangos, star fruits, and papayas. But other than that, strawberries, cherry, kiwi, melons and other various kinds of fruits may not be grown in Florida. Based on the food salad we have in restaurants, people may enjoy to have more strawberries rather than star fruits. Also, in grocery shops, it’s really hard to tell where the fruits actually came from based on their prices. The local oranges may have the same price as the pitch from California, Hence, over time, as the prices are about the same, people will buy something that are less familiar or rare rather than something that they can see everyday.

Some grocery shops in Taiwan, they set up a section for selling local farmer’s vegetables, fruits and crops, and these foods are always popular because it’s cheaper and fresher. Hence, I think it will be also a good idea if the grocery stores in every place set up a section for local farmers to sell their crops or products. I think differentiate in prices between local foods and imported foods may help to advertise the idea of eating local foods, as the local foods are cheaper and nicer.

Strawberries from

Star Fruits from


One thought on “Thoughts On Food

  1. Though I agree with your final statement in having grocery stores support local farms, a place like Publix wouldn’t do this. Everyone is after the money, what sells, and what is popular. America has such high demands, especially when it comes to food. We want something, and we want it now. America so huge and SO spoiled that we could not accept not having a strawberry in the middle of December, or whenever strawberry season doesn’t occur. Its an issue, but its better for places like Taiwan to better their economy as well as themselves.

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