Seasonal Eating Benefits


Cartoon by Chris Madden

There are a lot of things that are beneficial to eating foods during their season.  One is that you can save a lot of money.  When foods are in season they are more than likely going to be less expensive which makes sense.  You can get a lot more for your money.  You also have to pay a lot more just to buy something that is not in season and it might not even taste as good as it is supposed to.  Which brings me to taste.

Taste is a big benefit as well.  Taste is probably one of the most important things when it comes to food.  It has to taste delicious, so having food in the market during their season will definitely have a better taste compared to food that has to be shipped from another country or has to be grown in some sort of warehouse just because that food isn’t in season.  When food is shipped or being held in warehouses, it loses its taste and flavor.  The food doesn’t have that natural moisture and nutrients that food in season has.  You’d be surprised how different food can taste just by not being in season.

One of the harder things to do now is to actually eat in season all of the time.  Sometimes it just has to do with the limited growing season and trying to find good food locally.  A lot of people suggest that growing your own food could be beneficial and obviously save you money.  I also know a few people that do so and they love it.  You could also take a trip to a local farmers’ market if you are too lazy to grow your own, which I know a lot of people also do.  If those do not work out for you then maybe you can just buy some food that is in season elsewhere.  We already know what risks come with that idea, so I’ve read to make sure it is not too far away.  I honestly have not thought too much about eating in season.  I never really cared because I eat almost everything whether it is in season or not.  I probably could have saved some money if I knew more about seasonal eating.  I think it is time to take this into consideration.


One thought on “Seasonal Eating Benefits

  1. I really enjoyed your article, mainly because I can relate to it, especially this “You’d be surprised how different food can taste just by not being in season.” Food is so much more enjoyable when you haven’t had it in so long. Same with pretty much anything you enjoy. I go to Greece every summer ( if you haven’t read my blog post yet ) and I really enjoy eating all the foods in season, like tomatoes, cucumbers, fish, and everything! It is so fresh and fulfilling that I really don’t eat much of that over here. I can taste a huge difference in the food anyway, and I know I’m putting something artificial in my system, so I just avoid it as a whole. Everyone wants what they can’t have.

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