Little Noah

This our little baby, who we named Noah.

Arielle and I found him while we were coming home from class. When we found him, we realized that he was too young to be going around by himself. We just watched him for couple minutes to see if his mother was coming to pick him up, but she never came. Just as most squirrels they would probably run away if a human approached them, but rather than running away Noah greeted us and came close to us or maybe asked for our help. We picked him up and he fell asleep.

We kept him for couple weeks and took care of him. Of course we did our research about how to take a baby squirrel.

(for more information go read Arielle Mckelvey’s “Orphaned Animal Care/Baby Squirrel Care” in our blogpost) –

I’ve noticed that he was growing up faster than I expected. His body hair got thicker, his tail got bigger, he can crawl and move faster. Noah and I became good friends. He might see me as his father because when I tried to release him outside he would just run back to me and crawl back to my shoulder. So as we kept him a little while we did things together a lot. We even eat together and watch TV!

Right now he’s in the rehabilitation center. I miss him already. It feels like there’s something missing in my life after we gave him away. I hope to see him one day again.

I wonder if he’ll still remember me and in the future.

Photo on 11-8-14 at 11.37 PM #3


5 thoughts on “Little Noah

  1. I am glad that the rehabilitation center was able to take him. You did the right thing by rescuing him, but I’m not sure if keeping him as long as you did was the best choice. It’s important to remember that it’s important that baby animals are rehabilitated correctly by professionals if they ever have hope of being released. It’s best to contact a wildlife rehabilitation center right away, for the best chance at rehabilitation. I’ve volunteered at a wildlife center for a couple years and have seen some squirrels who are unreleasable do to being hand-raised. I encourage you to continue rescuing wildlife! It’s a wonderful thing to do, as long as you’re sure the animal is in need of human intervention (like in the case of Noah) but always make sure you handle the animal as little as possible. The less time they spend with humans the better chance they have at living a long happy life in the wild. 🙂

  2. I think that saving him was simply amazing. There was a time when I was younger that I faced that type of situation. Three baby squirrels had been thrown from their nest near my home during a hurricane. I was going outside after it had passed and discovered three little pink things. I couldn’t tell at the time what they were because they were so tiny. I gathered them up and took them to my mom for help. Sadly we were unable to save them. I learned that sometimes there just isn’t enough, but I would rather try in the hopes of success. Reading this post made me want to go and hug both of you for doing something so wonderful. I am glad that people like you two are exist!

  3. I’m impress in the saving. It’s just simply amazing. And of course I’m glad the rehabilitation center was able to take over the job in taking him. Lately I have being watching this Korean show called “Animal Farm” where the people basically find interesting animals or those animals in need. Recently I saw this one episode where three puppies abandoned at the waterway where people don’t really look into. They figured that they were abandoned there to die rather than be found by other people which is quite depressing. Good thing, the people from “Animal Farm” had spotted them and rescued them from it and there was this one man who was providing food from them for few days when he saw them slowly dying out. He himself couldn’t take care of them since he couldn’t have pets at home, however if it wasn’t him the vet had said they would probably died from starvation. Those puppies were like THREE MONTHS OLD. Such young things and people do this.

    I know squirrels and puppies are kind of a different deal… since those squirrels live in the wild while these puppies once had a owner, but it just reminded me of this episode of the show when I saw this post. I’m so happy to see someone like you two existing in this world helping out such small creature and hope others can be like you guys.

  4. Empathy is an absolutely amazing thing and can shatter the boundaries of life. It’s always great to read stuff like this.

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