Is there enough?

So.. okay. I have no idea, but I just felt like talking about this. It may be about food, but somewhat not. Previous class we watched the TED talk “Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish” and he talked about fish farms where we would have enough fish and of course other food productions. However, when I thought over what was going on now, about the video, about the world, and future… I wondered. Do we really have enough food?

So far, there are enough food to serve every person in earth. There are people who are starving, however if you were to share your food with them, there are enough I suppose. However after twenty years, thirty, fifty, hundred… are there really going to be enough food? We already are experiencing some endangered animals and other extinct species. Come to think of, us humans are already killing so much for ourselves to survive. More like… killing more than we need for ‘money’.

We all know about the food chain. How frog eats insects, snake eats frog, eagle eats snakes, human basically eats all of them… It seems we are kind of ruining the food chain, don’t you think? We eat basically everything and what if we clear some of them out and the other animals has nothing more to eat? What will we do then? The other animals will starve, then they will die, then we will have nothing to eat.. Vegetables might be a choice, however some animals or insects helps our ecosystem and helps crops to grow… and if they don’t exist then there will be no more crops and what will there be left for humans.

I had some random conversation about this with some friends and they did agree with me about humans eating everything and this ‘not enough food’ thing might happen one day in our life. Well, some may agree with me and some may not. Even if I thought this way, i don’t think anything will change. There are billions of people out there hungry or craving for more money by selling ‘food’.

But really, are there really enough food for us? When will this come to an end, I’m curious (although I hope this doesn’t occur).


2 thoughts on “Is there enough?

  1. I think your thoughts are definitely relevant. If this sort of thing hasn’t crossed through someone’s mind before, they’re probably not paying close enough attention to our current food practices. I don’t think that there is a simple answer, though. I do know this- we are, without a doubt, exhausting our recourses and the recourses that other life forms rely on. I believe that there is enough food for us on this planet, if we worked with nature instead of against it. Monocultures go against nature. We need polycultures and we need to eat local vegetables and, just as importantly, we need to eat local meats and hunt for ourselves when possible. We need to go back to our roots, it is the only way for us to be truly sustainable. However, that will never happen in full form, but I do think that our mindset is heading more toward that direction. I think you’re right when you say that we kind of fall out of place in the food chain- we don’t really fit in the way the rest of the world works because we are so used to the option and exploitation of what we want, when we want it. Nature has what we need and it will provide, but we’re not giving it the chance.

  2. I feel like (at the moment), we definitely do have enough food to go around. As we destroy our resources this amount will obviously go down, and that needs to be prevented, but at the moment the biggest issue is the inequality of the distribution of food and it’s prices. The average person in a first world country wastes so much food, compared to those in a third world country who don’t receive the amounts that they need, and the little bit that is available is often grossly overpriced due to how hard it is to get. Plenty is produced, but the poor distribution across less wealthy countries really needs to be taken care of.

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