Food and Money

When watching the TED talk video “Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish,” one thing Dan said that interested me was that even though we have enough tonnage of food to feed every person on the planet a billion people will still go hungry.

I wonder why this is the case.  Why are we not efficiently distributing excess food to the people who go hungry?  I suppose it has mostly to deal with money.

I think it is very stressful for people to worry about both finances and sustenance, and in a way, food is a currency in and of itself.  When your body asks you for rent you must provide the food it wants or else it will start cutting off your services and eventually boot you out of the land of the living.  The thing is, we have tied the food currency to dollars and pounds and euros etc. etc.

There is a very distinct difference between the value of food and the value of money however.  Food expires and degrades rapidly while money lasts much longer.  It seems that the corporate focus has been more about trying their hardest (and cheapest) to fight the natural process of degradation; to make food more like money and other assets.  I feel like we need a better focus.


One thought on “Food and Money

  1. You made some pretty interesting points here and I agree with you that we definitely need a better focus when it comes to this subject. I feel like it would be easy enough to feed the hungry just like we feed ourselves, as Dan Barber said in the video, we have enough tonnage for everyone on this earth.

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