Genetically Modified Food

This has always been a topic that has just irked me. Even though I grew up in America, I also have been traveling to Greece every summer for my whole life. This is important because this country really taught me the value of eating. We should not live to eat, we should eat to live, and it seems like Americans really cannot grasp this concept because there are so many of us and every one demands anything they can get there hands on times ten. In Greece it is totally different. There are farms filled with veggies and fruits, rows upon rows of vineyards, and of course the endless world of olive trees that embraces Greece.

I remember one year traveling there and I could not wait to have a tomatos with cucumbers sprinkled with all natural salt that came straight from the Aegean. I just taste the freshness before I get a chance to actually eat it. Not to mention, I do not crave any sugar when I’m over there whatsoever. I really feel like there is sugar in almost all foods in America, and that really plays a factor in how we are one of the largest people ( yes, in weight ) compared to the rest of the population. Almost everything is processed, including organic foods.

I cannot blame America entirely for having a large supply and demand, yet the food we are eating is killing us earlier for how much chemicals are put into foods these days. We are a huge country and we are only growing larger. I do not want to get into the politics of it all, but my mother grows her own vegetable garden along with collecting compost. It is really not difficult to live a healthy life, especially if there are tips about it in magazines and on the web. We do not support fast food, nor do we purchase fruits and veggies that we know are not in season, and we are really happy and active people because of it !


Personal photo from Samos, Greece

Olive Trees



2 thoughts on “Genetically Modified Food

  1. It think America has a difficulty with the food industry because of the mentality attached to it. Hopefully more people in America will change their focus from, “I eat to satisfy my hunger and taste buds” to “I eat to sustain my body in good health.” Gluttony is not just eating a lot, it’s being intensively indulgent to the point where it affects yourself and others in negative ways.

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