What a Horror Story


After watching The Cove, all I could do was walk out of the room in shock.  You never really understand what goes on around the world.  Things like that are really hard to believe until you actually learn about it.  I thought the film was very well done and made the viewer attached immediately.  You felt as if you were part of the mission.  I am glad the film won an Academy Award because it deserved it! Those fishers in Japan are pure Evil.  Every single one of them.  It is absolutely mind boggling how that is even acceptable to do something like that in Japan.  The fact that 23,000 dolphins and porpoises are killed every year makes me sick and upset.  Ric O’Barry is the man who is trying to save the dolphins and also trying to show the world that dolphin hunting is a terrible thing.  The most amazing thing about it is he started it all by starring in the TV series “Flipper” and now is trying to stop it.  He realized over time how wrong and upsetting it is to put dolphins in danger and not let them just be free.  What is going on in Japan is honestly one of the worst things I have seen when it comes to animal cruelty.  The craziest most annoying thing about it is how the Japanese government is doing basically nothing at all to stop it from happening.  There is literally no point at all to capture and kill these dolphins.  It’s just completely unnecessary.  It is only harming the people of Japan.  I cannot believe it actually still happens too.  Something has to be done and I wish something could have been done a while ago.  Any person who fights for something they fully believe in is someone I give a lot of respect to and I respect Ric O’Barry and his crew so much for what they are trying to do.  I really hope this changes soon.  What a horror story.


One thought on “What a Horror Story

  1. I can relate to your feelings of shock. I felt the exact same way after watching the documentary. I also felt so angry that those fisherman held no remorse for killing an innocent creature. The world is filled with so much corruption, but people are blind are unwilling to see it. I just hope that they put a stop to this pointless slaughter and let the dolphins live peacefully.

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