The Cove Afterthoughts

After watching The Cove in class I went back to my dorm and I thought to myself, “Oh no, I love seafood too much to give it up. What am I suppose to do?” That was a bit superficial of me, but it did make me think about my general diet.

The Cove itself as a film was a wonderful film, in my opinion. After reading some criticism on the film, such as neutrality and finger-pointing at specific groups of people, I was a bit torn on which side I should take on the issue. I am definitely not siding with the fisherman who slaughter dolphins in masses, but there was one line that stood out to me in particular: “You westerners eat cows, we eat dolphins.”

There was something about that line that did weigh a little more than all the faulty statistics and persuasion that the OPA tried to give. Coming from a background where I had experiences with both western and eastern cultures, I understood this line completely. More often than not, I have seen so many Westerners just slander Eastern countries for eating animals that the west deems “inedible.” Dogs, cats, horses, etc, are all animals that many Americans like to bash us with when it comes to whether or not our food is safe to eat or not. But as I see it, every culture varies. Why is it that Americans are allowed to eat cows, chickens, and pigs, while if Japanese people eat dolphins they are immediately criticized for it? Hindus do not illegally break into facilities to film the slaughter of cows and Muslims do not riot when we eat pork. When westerners eat snakes and try horse meat, they are heralded as brave, while if a Chinese person were to do it, they would be sneered at, seen as savages and filthy.

This, of course, is me playing Devil’s Advocate. Personally, I really honestly do not think dolphins should be eaten. The people of Taiji have access to other sources of food. Mercury levels in dolphins are sky-high, so there really isn’t any other good reason why they should continue this activity. I think the fact that struck a chord with me is the fact that the fisherman and many people who are associated with Seaworld know that slaughtering them and holding them in captivity is doing more damage than good, but they just consciously decided to bury their guilt with money and pride. They know very well that dolphins are intelligent beings, that these animals are social beings that have the ability to even try to communicate with humans, yet there are still people who think that animals are not even on par with humans. This sort of thinking, believing that humans are just the most superior species on Earth, is such an ignorant and just really really stupid way of thinking that I believe the only way to get rid of this thinking is by waiting for that generation to filter out and educating the younger generation about the true effects of animal slaughter.


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